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Americans for Prosperity-Utah Announces Five Endorsements for 2024 Primary Elections

Mar 6, 2024 by AFP

Salt Lake City, UT – Today, Americans for Prosperity-Utah (AFP-UT) announced its endorsement of five candidates for the Utah House of Representatives and Senate ahead of the state conventions and primary elections. After careful consideration, AFP-UT selected candidates with strong commitments to reforming education, cutting taxes, and slashing burdensome regulations.

Americans for Prosperity-Utah State Director Kevin Greene made the following statement: 

“AFP-UT is thrilled to announce our support for five outstanding candidates for the state legislature who will fight for a brighter future for all Utahns. We’re excited to work with them to expand school choice, support free market solutions to Utah’s housing shortage, and advance policies that will make the cost of living in our great state more affordable.

“At a time when inflation and reckless policies at the federal level have taken a heavy toll on taxpayers and contributed to Utah’s higher cost of living, we’re confident that these candidates’ stances on fiscal reform will make them valuable allies in the fight for economic prosperity.” 

AFP-UT endorsed candidates: 

Paul Borup (HD 03) – Borup is a former member of the Cache County Council and a champion for responsible taxation and regulatory reform. His deep connections to this district’s thriving, diverse communities and local issues will allow him to hit the ground running on day one of his term.

Jill Koford (HD 10) – As Utah faces unprecedented cost of living and housing crises, Koford’s principled stances on slashing outdated regulations will help Utah continue to grow. Her past career as a teacher will make her a key ally in the fight to expand education freedom.

Doug Fiefia (HD 48) – Fiefia has made education reform a centerpiece of his campaign, and AFP-UT is excited to work with him to expand Utah’s school choice programs. As a small business owner, he knows exactly how to cut government spending so that other businesses can thrive. 

Rep. Candice Pierucci (HD 49) – Pierucci is a champion for education policy in Utah and will continue to expand opportunities for Utah students with another term in office. She has principled stances on taxation and spending that will continue to benefit her district in one of Utah’s most high-growth communities. 

Heidi Balderree (SD 22) – As a former AFP-UT community engagement director, Balderree is exactly the kind of freedom fighter that’s needed in the state Senate. After her decisive victory in the October 2023 special election, she has the energy to win again and take action on the tough issues facing Utahns this year.

The organization will use its vast network of grassroots advocates across the state to bolster these candidates’ campaigns over the next month through phone calls, door-to-door canvassing, mail, and digital advertisements.