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Americans for Prosperity Oklahoma Endorses Candidates for State Legislature

Jun 7, 2022 by AFP

Oklahoma City, OK – Americans for Prosperity Oklahoma (AFP-OK) today announced its endorsement of the following candidates seeking election to the Oklahoma state legislature:

  • Chris Banning (HD-24)
  • Christopher Toney (SD-42)
  • Cody Maynard (HD-21)
  • Collin Duel (HD-31)

These candidates earned AFP-OK’s endorsement for their commitment to policies that improve the well-being of all Oklahomans by breaking down government barriers that stifle opportunity and stand in the way of individual success.

AFP-OK will leverage the full weight of its grassroots outreach capabilities to support the organization’s slate of endorsed candidates.

AFP-OK State Director John Tidwell issued the following statement:

“AFP-OK will utilize its vast network of dedicated volunteers and staff to reach voters and build support for these candidates until Election Day. With inflation on the rise and education a critical issue for the future of our state, it is critical that we elect candidates who will support policies that improve lives rather than give in to the status quo.”


Chris Banning (HD-24)

Having served in the U.S. Air Force and successively built multiple businesses, Chris Banning has the appropriate life experience to inform policy-focused service in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. In the State House, he will support the expansion of Oklahoma’s Education Savings Account (ESA) program to provide more opportunities to deserving children. He has demonstrated support for removing the statewide income tax and will be an advocate for hardworking taxpayers. His support for telemedicine, which proved valuable during the COVID crisis, and support for reforms to rein in the government’s bloated role in health care will help increase access to care and drive down costs.

Cody Maynard (HD-21)

Cody Maynard will be a champion in the State House for fiscal responsibility and increased educational opportunities for Oklahoma children. His background as a certified public accountant will help him identify and support policies to remove harmful government regulations, cut bureaucratic red tape, and eliminate tax provisions that stifle innovation and growth and limit opportunities for Oklahoma businesses and workers.

Christopher Toney (SD-42)

Christopher Toney will be a leader in the Oklahoma Senate for smaller, more responsible government, lower taxes, and greater educational freedom that empowers parents with more opportunities to select an education that best meets their children’s needs.

Collin Duel (HD-31)

When elected to the State House of Representatives, Collin Duel will support policies that respect everyday Oklahomans. He supports personal and property tax cuts and will advocate for responsible spending that focuses on priorities and eliminates waste. He will work to eliminate harmful occupational licensing regulations that prevent people from working or starting new businesses. And he will support parents by giving them greater freedom to choose educational opportunities that best meet the needs of the children.