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Americans For Prosperity – Nebraska Thanks Gov. Ricketts for Ending Participation in Federal Unemployment Benefit Programs, Bolstering Nebraska’s Growing Jobs 

May 24, 2021 by AFP

Lincoln, NE – Following Governor Pete Rickett’s announcement marking the end of Nebraska’s participation in the Federal Unemployment Benefit Programs that are hindering the state’s economic recovery, Americans For Prosperity – Nebraska (AFP-NE) released a statement thanking the Governor for taking this step to boost Nebraska’s economy and help businesses who are looking to create jobs.

Following the Biden Administration’s most recent jobs report, it is clear that the ongoing federal unemployment benefits remain a significant barrier to economic recovery. Governor Ricketts’ actions today will make strides to help reduce unemployment across Nebraska.

AFP-NE State Director Jessica Shelburn released the following statement thanking Governor Pete Ricketts:

“On behalf of our activists across Nebraska, we would like to thank Governor Ricketts for taking the steps necessary to continue to strengthen Nebraska’s economy. Steps taken today, will get Nebraskans back into the workforce, meeting the needs of our businesses that have been struggling to fill positions. Nebraska is now on the right path to recovering stronger than before.”