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Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska calls for giving voters a say on property taxes

Mar 26, 2021 by AFP

Nebraskans pay the 16th highest rate of taxation in the country, more than high-tax states Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, and almost as high as California. In an opinion piece in the Grand Island Independent, Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska Grassroots Engagement Director Drew Borske asks whether the state’s residents are getting their money’s worth.

The answer is no. The solution, he argues, is a state constitutional amendment that would limit the amount localities could raise property taxes from one year to the next.

Borske writes:

The proposed constitutional amendment would cap local property tax revenue increases at 3 percent per year. (For comparison, a 3 percent cap in place over the past decade would have turned the 51.8 percent increase into a much lower 35.4 percent increase, even if the maximum allowable hike had been imposed each year.) Your property taxes would have been almost one-third lower, saving the average taxpayer thousands of dollars.

If lawmakers in Lincoln pass the measure, the amendment would be placed on the 2022 ballot, giving residents a chance to decide the issue.

“Are soaring property tax rates funding more efficient government?” Borske asks. “Hardly. Never-ending tax increases simply lead to more spending and less efficient use of taxpayers’ money.”

Read Drew Borske’s op-ed in the Grand Island Independent.