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Americans for Prosperity-Montana Kicks Off General Election Efforts

Jun 16, 2022 by AFP

With the primary election season behind Montana voters, Americans for Prosperity-Montana (AFP-MT) is turning its attention to the general election and helping elect candidates for the state legislature who will champion policies that break down barriers to success and improve the lives and wellbeing of Montanans.

During the primary season, AFP-MT endorsed candidates John Fuller (SD-04), Barry Usher (SD-20), Mallerie Stromswold (HD-50), Caleb Hinkle (HD-68), and Lyn Hellegaard (HD-97). Four of these candidates who had primary challenges won their primary elections.

“AFP used its grassroots volunteers and resources to help these candidates win in their primary elections,” said AFP-MT State Director David Herbst. “We are now focusing our attention on helping to get them across the general election finish line in November.”

During the primary election season, AFP-MT volunteers knocked on more than 4,000 doors and made more than 40,000 telephone calls in support of endorsed candidates. The organization distributed 50,000 mailers and its digital ads garnered more than 600,000 impressions.

“Candidates are only as good as the policies they advocate,” said Herbst. “These candidates are supporting policies that will make a difference by taking on unsustainable government spending and debt and putting the taxpayers’ interests ahead of the special interests.”

“They will be leaders reforming education, regulations, and health care, and advocating for individual liberty, especially during states of emergency, and a more competitive and prosperous economy,” he said.

“We will be doubling down on our efforts to help get them elected.”