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Americans for Prosperity-Iowa Launches State Legislative Endorsements

May 16, 2024 by AFP

DES MOINES, Iowa – Americans for Prosperity-Iowa (AFP-IA) today announced its support of candidates running for election and reelection to the Iowa House of Representatives.

The following candidates earned the support of AFP-IA for their leadership and commitment to increasing opportunity for all Iowans: State Rep. Joshua Meggers (HD-54) and non-incumbent challengers Sam Wengryn (HD-24) and Jennifer Smith (HD-72).

AFP-IA will continue to leverage the full weight of its grassroots outreach to support these candidates.

AFP Iowa State Director Tyler Raygor issued the following statement:

“AFP-IA is proud to support these principled candidates in their primary bids. Rep. Joshua Meggers, Sam Wengryn and Jennifer Smith will promote policies to help Iowans achieve their American Dream by getting government out of the way of Iowa families.

“Looking forward to the next legislative session, Meggers, Wengryn and Smith are the best individuals to champion issues that matter most to Iowans: tax reforms that phase out the income tax, health care reforms that increase quality and access for Iowa families and regulatory reforms that will continue making Iowa the best place to live, work and raise a family.”

“As the June 4 primary approaches, these candidates have the full support of AFP, the largest grassroots organization in the country. We look forward to their election in November.”

State Rep. Joshua Meggers (HD-54):

In his first term in office, Rep. Joshua Meggers has fought to expand economic opportunity in Iowa. Meggers has worked tirelessly to lower taxes on families and businesses and cut burdensome red tape, voting for legislation to eliminate the income tax and reducing spending in Iowa. As a law enforcement officer, Meggers is a trusted advocate for public safety.

Sam Wengryn (HD-24):

Sam Wengryn is a pillar of Decatur County, serving as chairman of the county board of supervisors and the county GOP. His deep understanding of his community and dedication to service to Iowans will make him a superior policy champion when elected to the legislature. Wengryn will fight for limited government and policies that will keep Iowa prosperous.

Jennifer Smith (HD-72):

As a college economics professor, Jennifer Smith will bring a uniquely qualified perspective to the legislature and be an advocate for economic prosperity and educational freedom for all Iowans. Smith will fight for increased parental control over students’ education decisions and will be an advocate for increased opportunity in the Hawkeye State.