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Americans for Prosperity – Iowa Announces First Round Candidate Endorsements for the Iowa State Legislature

Jan 13, 2022 by AFP

DES MOINES, Iowa – Americans for Prosperity – Iowa (AFP-IA) today announced its endorsement of Rep. Steven Bradley (IA-66) and Zach Dieken (IA-5) to the Iowa House of Representatives. These candidates earned the endorsement of AFP-IA for their dedication to principled policy solutions.

AFP-IA has a track record of successful grassroots engagement in both political and policy fights and will leverage a wide range of tactics, including direct grassroots voter outreach, digital advertisements, and direct mail to urge voters to support these candidates.

AFP Iowa State Director Drew Klein issued the following statement:

“AFP-IA is excited to kick off the first of our endorsements in legislative races for the 2022 cycle. Common among Rep. Bradley and Dieken is a commitment to a wide array of bold policy solutions including expanded educational opportunities for students, bold tax reform and fiscal restraint, and addressing the regulatory barriers across industries in Iowa will help take our great state to the next level. Our activists are ready to throw their full support behind these exceptional candidates to help get them elected to the Iowa House of Representatives.”

Representative Steven Bradley (IA-66)

State Representative Steven Bradley championed smart fiscal policies that lowered taxes for Iowa families and businesses. Steven Bradley is committed to growing Iowa’s workforce and understands the importance of providing tax relief for Iowa families and small businesses. Last year, Bradley voted in favor of Senate File 619, which delivered income tax cuts for all Iowans and phased out the state inheritance tax over four years. In total, the bill would provide roughly $1 billion in tax relief for Iowans over eight years.

State Representative Steven Bradley understands the importance of and has fought tirelessly to expand opportunities for Iowa students. Steven Bradley is committed to helping Iowans face challenges in the education system. During his time as state representative, Bradley supported legislation that removed barriers to school choice by expanding open enrollment requests. Additionally, Bradley voted in favor of House File 813, which allowed new charter schools to directly apply to the state’s Department of Education rather than through a local school board.

As a medical professional, Dr. Steven Bradley has worked hard to serve Iowa patients in a thoughtful and respectful way while bringing a unique health care perspective to the state Legislature. Through his service as Iowa Dental Association President, Chairman of the Iowa Dental Board, member of the Finley Hospital Foundation Board, as well as his leadership position on the House’s Human Resource committee, Bradley understands the importance of a health care market that is focused on quality and affordable care that delivers patient centered results. He saw the negative impacts government regulation can have on patient care and during his time as state representative has sponsored legislation that would expand scope of practice.

Zach Dieken (IA-5)

As a lifelong Northwest Iowan, Candidate Zach Dieken is committed to enriching the lives of all District 5 residents. Zach Dieken understands the negative impacts stemming from top-down, one-size-fits-all policies in Washington, and as a member of the Iowa Legislature he will fight to ensure individuals and families keep more of their hard-earned paychecks. He is committed to regulatory reform and will stop “overreach from the federal government whose Washington values are diametrically opposed to the values of the voters.”

As a substitute teacher, Candidate Zach Dieken understands the importance of empowering families and expanding opportunities for Northwest Iowa students. Zach Dieken is committed to improving North Iowa communities and has stated he will be a positive contributor towards the future “of our great state.” He is a supporter of parental choice in education and will work tirelessly to ensure families have an educational system that maximizes options and flexibility for students.