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Americans for Prosperity – Indiana Announces Additional Legislative Endorsement for 2024 Primary Election

Apr 3, 2024 by AFP

Indianapolis, IN— Today, Americans for Prosperity-Indiana (AFP-IN) announced an additional endorsement for the 90th District seat in the Indiana House of Representatives. This announcement comes following AFP-IN’s 13 recently endorsed candidates for the Indiana Legislature.

AFP-IN State Director Josh Webb released the following statement:

“With just over a month until the primary elections, we are gearing up to support the best policy champions ready to fight for all Hoosiers in the Indiana Legislature. We are excited to add Elizabeth Williams to our list of candidates prepared to make our state a more prosperous place where families can succeed. 

“As a veteran of the U.S. Army, developing and implementing policies within the Indiana National Guard Crisis Intervention Team, Williams has a demonstrated scope of knowledge and experience that will make her a champion of statewide policies. She is particularly passionate about educational freedom, owning a preschool center and working directly with parents and kids. 

“We are putting our full support behind Williams and our 13 previously endorsed candidates, and we are confident that each of these leaders will be great additions to the General Assembly.” 

HD 90 Elizabeth Williams                         

Williams, the owner of a preschool center, is passionate about expanding educational opportunities and is well-positioned to be a key leader in educational freedom. As a U.S. Veteran working in the Crisis Intervention Team, she supports of simplifying taxes, reducing regulations, and supporting the Personal Option solution to healthcare.

AFP-IN Previously Endorsed Candidates:

SD 07 State Sen. Brian Buchanan

SD 08 Joe Layne

SD 16 State Sen. Justin Busch

SD 24 Brett Clark

HD 07 State Rep. Jake Teshka

HD 24 Hunter Smith

HD 49 State Rep. Joanna King

HD 51 Tony Isa

HD 52 State Rep. Ben Smaltz

HD 53 Kevin Mandrell

HD 66 State Rep. Zach Payne

HD 71 Scott Hawkins

HD 81 State Rep. Martin Carbaugh