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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

Americans for Prosperity: House Committee Approves Legislation to Put South Carolina Students First

Feb 28, 2023 by AFP

Passes bills to allow students to attend any public school in the state and implement a competency based education program

COLUMBIA, SC — Americans for Prosperity – South Carolina (AFP-SC) today praised the House Education and Public Works Committee for passing legislation giving students and families more flexibility over their education. HB 3843 would create an open enrollment system, allowing families to choose any public school in the state, regardless of their address. HB 3295 would implement a competency based education program, allowing for personalized education.

AFP-SC State Director Candace Carroll released the following statement: 

“In state capitals across the country, the momentum for educational choice is on the side of parents and students. Together, these bills will give families more flexibility and control over their children’s education, to help every student succeed. I commend the House Education committee for moving on legislation that will put South Carolina students first.”