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Americans for Prosperity – Georgia Applauds House Passage of SB 233

Mar 14, 2024 by AFP

ATLANTA, GA – Following the passage of SB 233, the Georgia Promise Scholarship Act, by a 91-82 vote, Americans for Prosperity – Georgia (AFP-GA) is applauding the vote and looking forward to Governor Kemp signing the bill into law that will give families more access to quality education.

AFP-GA State Director Tony West released the following statement:

“We thank the House for advancing SB 233 and giving families and students choices in their education instead of a top-down approach. The Georgia Promise Scholarship Act will empower parents and families with the resources they need to make the best education decisions for themselves.

“As Governor Kemp recently said, ‘there are no more next years.’ We are excited that 2024 is finally the year the Peach State has passed a strong and transformative education bill that funds students and not systems. We look forward to Governor Kemp signing SB 233 into law.”


AFP-GA has been an influential leader in advocating for school choice and education reform, including leading an aggressive door-knocking and phone banking campaign directly engaging with tens of thousands Georgians over the past three months. As part of a six-figure campaign from AFP-GA to promote the Promise Scholarship, AFP-GA was the only grassroots group to sponsor billboards in specific districts raising awareness and showing lawmakers how important education choice is to constituents. As part of the public pressure campaign, 6 Representatives that voted against SB 233 in 2023 changed their vote.

Last November, AFP-GA hosted an Education Freedom Rally with school choice leader Dr. Corey DeAngelis and State Representative Todd Jones (R-District 25), the sponsor of SB 233, the Georgia Promise Scholarship Act, as well as having an op-ed published in the Forsyth County News highlighting how SB 233 would benefit students across the state.

Last July, a poll from yes. every k⁠i⁠d. foundation., a national organization that is focused on ⁠⁠transforming education with a fam⁠i⁠l⁠i⁠es-first approach, concluded that nearly 77% of Georgians want a customized educational experience for their children and 72% of parents said that educational options should be available to all families, regardless of ZIP code or family income.