Americans for Prosperity Backs Additional Candidates for Iowa State Legislature

Sep 26, 2022 by AFP

DES MOINES, Iowa – Americans for Prosperity-Iowa (AFP-IA) today announced its endorsement of 13 additional candidates for the Iowa Legislature. The grassroots group will utilize its unmatched grassroots strength to see the following candidates across the finish line in November: Sen. Jake Chapman (SD-14), Sen. Chris Cournoyer (SD-35), Rep. Michael Bousselot (SD-21), Rep. Mark Cisneros (HD-96), Rep. Henry Stone (HD-09), Doug Campbell (HD-59), Dan Gehlbach (HD-46), Cindy Golding (HD-83), Bill Gustoff (HD-40), Bob Henderson (HD-02), Jennifer Smith (HD-72), Mark Weatherly (HD-39), and Scott Webster (SD-47).

AFP Iowa State Director Drew Klein issued the following statement:

“AFP-IA is proud to support this extraordinary slate of candidates who will champion greater opportunity and usher our great state into a better and stronger tomorrow. Iowa needs principled leaders who will put policy over politics to fight for our economy, cut taxes, support expanded educational opportunities, and improve access to quality health care our families can afford. Our passionate army of grassroots activists is ready to get out in their communities and mobilize voters in support of these endorsed candidates.”


Senate President Jake Chapman (SD-14):

Sen. Jake Chapman is committed to fighting for greater economic opportunity for every Iowan. He understands the value of hard work and will fight to lower taxes so Iowans are able to keep more of their hard-earned paychecks. Chapman has also been a vocal advocate of education reform, supporting universal education savings accounts.

Sen. Chris Cournoyer (SD-35):

As a small business owner and mother, Sen. Chris Cournoyer is deeply invested in Iowa’s communities and will continue to work to make it easier for families and businesses to succeed. Cournoyer has been supportive of cutting regulations and reforming Iowa’s unnecessary licensing laws that have made it more expensive and difficult to work and create jobs and will continue to cut wasteful government spending while working toward a fiscally responsible budget.

Rep. Michael Bousselot (SD-21): 

Rep. Michael Bousselot understands that Iowans are paying more for everyday goods and supports commonsense policies to fight inflation so families can keep more of their hard-earned paychecks. Bousselot will prioritize cutting wasteful government spending and expanding health care options that our families can afford.

Rep. Mark Cisneros (HD-96): 

Rep. Mark Cisneros is a champion of educational freedom, believing families should be in control of their children’s education. Cisneros co-sponsored a key education savings account bill and has voted in support of multiple education opportunity expansion pathways. In office, Cisneros will continue to fight overly burdensome regulations to make a more competitive Iowa business environment and grow our economy.

Rep. Henry Stone (HD-09):

Rep. Henry Stone has established himself as a policy champion for Iowa students. Stone will continue to lead on education policies that give students their best chance to succeed, prioritizing universal education savings accounts. Stone is also committed to fighting back against inflation and moving Iowa’s economy forward by reducing government spending and cutting burdensome red tape.

Doug Campbell (HD-59):

Doug Campbell understands the challenges Iowans face daily. As a retired pharmacist, Campbell is passionate about health care reform and has supported reforming Iowa’s certificate of need laws to increase access to health care. As a former school board member, Campbell will also fight to give all Iowa families a voice in pursuing the best educational opportunities for their children, regardless of ZIP code.

Dan Gehlbach (HD-46)

Dan Gehlbach will be a leader for fiscal responsibility to help strengthen Iowa’s economy. As a father and a school board member, Gehlbach knows that families should make decisions regarding their children’s future, not bureaucrats. That is why he will fight to expand educational opportunities that empower families to help children find the best education.

Cindy Golding (HD-83): 

As a business owner, Cindy Golding is committed to creating an economic environment that will allow small businesses to thrive and grow. In office, she will fight to eliminate unnecessary and burdensome red tape and reform occupational licensing laws to reduce burdens on workers. Golding also supports an education system that empowers families to access the education that is right for their children.

Bill Gustoff (HD-40):

Bill Gustoff is committed to putting Iowa families and businesses first. Gustoff knows that every child is unique and deserves the best education possible. That is why he supports policies that would provide school choice for all, including universal education savings accounts. He will also fight to lower taxes and cut the burdensome red tape standing in the way of economic opportunity and job creation.

Bob Henderson (HD-02):

As a former professor, Bob Henderson continues to bring his passion for education to the table. Henderson knows every child has unique gifts and supports increased educational opportunities to meet their individual learning needs. In office, Henderson will fight to advance universal ESAs, expand quality and affordable health care, and lower taxes.

Jennifer Smith (HD-72):

Jennifer Smith’s experience as an economics professor has shaped her approach to education and she’s made it clear that expanding educational opportunities for every child is a top priority. She also knows that it’s getting harder for Iowa families to make ends meet. That is why Smith will be a strong advocate for eliminating the personal income tax, reducing the corporate tax rate, and adopting “Truth in Taxation” legislation focused on property tax reform to help people keep more of what they earn.

Mark Weatherly (HD-39):

With an extensive background as an educational professional, Weatherly understands firsthand the need to prioritize Iowa’s students. In office, he will work to empower families to pursue the best education for their children. Weatherly also supports increasing access to quality health care families can afford and will fight to rein in government overspending and lower taxes.

Scott Webster (SD-47):

As a small business owner, Scott Webster understands the value of helping individuals realize their full potential and knows how important getting government and burdensome red tape out of the way is for Iowans to truly succeed. He firmly supports tax relief, including the potential elimination of the income tax and reducing property taxes. Webster has also shown support for policies, such as certificate of need reforms, that would increase access to quality and affordable health care.

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