AFP-Wisconsin Urges Lawmakers to Override Gov. Evers’ Irresponsible Budget Vetoes

Jul 6, 2023 by AFP

MADISON, WI — Americans for Prosperity issued the following response to Governor Evers’ decision to veto critical tax cuts and use the veto pen to create a 400-year property tax hike.

AFP-Wisconsin State Director Megan Novak made the following statement:

“We are disappointed in Governor Evers’ irresponsible choice to veto needed tax cuts for small business owners and families and to recklessly create a 400-year property tax hike. Policy makers crafted a budget with income tax reform that moved us closer to a flat tax, but Governor Evers decided scoring political points is more important than the urgent tax relief that Wisconsin families and small businesses deserve.

“We urge legislators to forget party lines and override these partial vetoes to provide tax relief to families and small business owners, move Wisconsin closer to a flat tax, and protect property taxpayers for the next 400 years.”


This year, Wisconsin experienced the largest budget surplus in Wisconsin state history, reaching over $7 billion. Legislators passed a version of the budget last week that recognized this surplus and included a $3.5 billion tax cut to benefit Wisconsin families and businesses. As a partial veto, Governor Evers gutted the historic tax cut to only $175 million, reducing much needed relief for Wisconsinites.

This legislative session, AFP-WI has advocated for the implementation of a flat tax and property tax cuts, and endorsed flat tax legislation.