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AFP-WI Calls Out Evers on Latest Round of Vetoes

Apr 5, 2024 by AFP

MADISON, WI – Governor Evers recently vetoed a number of bills that will leave Wisconsinites worse off. After last week’s veto of a $3 billion tax cut, this week, the governor vetoed legislation to allow nurse practitioners to practice independently and expand access to affordable healthcare.

AFP-WI State Director Megan Novak made the following statement:

“Another week means another round of out-of-touch vetoes from Governor Evers. He once again vetoed much needed tax relief that would put money back in the pockets of middle-class Wisconsin families. Governor Evers’ veto spree included a bill that would allow certified nurses to practice independently and expand healthcare access for Wisconsinites. Governor Evers’ vetoes are simply irresponsible, and sadly, not surprising.

“Governor Evers continues to act in complete contradiction of what’s best for Wisconsinites. It’s time he listens to what Wisconsinites need and want from their government, which are policies that expand freedom and opportunity.”