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AFP-UT Calls on Utah Legislators to Vote Against Increasing Property Tax

Mar 8, 2018 by AFP

Some lawmakers attempting last minute legislative maneuvers to raise property taxes in perpetuity

Salt Lake City, UT – Americans for Prosperity-Utah (AFP-UT) is disappointed in Utah lawmakers that are considering a last-minute procedural move that could hurt Utah families by increasing property taxes in perpetuity. The plan would latch HB 293 onto a larger bill and affect the existing formula for how education in the Beehive state is funded.

AFP-UT is urging with lawmakers not to take this extraordinary step, arguing that it isn’t necessary since Utah currently has a budget surplus and the state is preparing to ingest millions of dollars back from the federal government thanks to historic tax reform.

“Now is not the time to raise taxes on hardworking Utahns,” said AFP-UT state director Heather Williamson. “We have a surplus and a surging economy, thanks in part to the new tax law. Why would lawmakers even consider raising taxes when we’re just about to feel unprecedented relief? This massive property tax increase is not the Utah way – especially when you consider the looming tax increase proposals set to hit the ballot this year. We hope Utah lawmakers act on principle and reject this crippling property tax increase.”