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AFP Urges White House to Abandon Destructive Trade Policy Following Decision to Delay Tariffs

May 1, 2018 by AFP
Americans for Prosperity Senior Policy Fellow Alison Winters issued the following statement regarding the Trump administration’s decision to delay steel and aluminum tariffs for Canada, Mexico and the European Union.

“While postponing tariffs on Canada, Mexico and Europe is a positive step, leaving them on the table threatens our economy just as much as theirs

Instead of trying to limit the damage of harmful policies that don’t work, we continue to urge the administration embrace the benefits of free trade and expand it, which would do far more to undercut bad actors, lower costs for consumers, and keep the economy heading in the right direction.

Imposing tariffs on any country raises prices across the entire market and these exemptions don’t help Americans who are still being punished with higher costs as result of tariffs on China and Japan.”

In recent weeks, Americans for Prosperity has consistently expressed strong opposition to tariffs in any form, calling them harmful to American workers and consumers and urged policymakers to instead pursue policies that promote economic freedom and increase competition among U.S. companies.

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