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AFP Urges President Trump to Veto Budget Deal If It Reaches His Desk

Aug 1, 2019 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity today called on President Trump to veto the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2019 if it passes the Senate this week. The grassroots group has repeatedly criticized the budget deal as reckless and fiscally irresponsible.

AFP President Tim Phillips issued the following statement:

“The President said last spring that he would ‘never sign a bill like this again.’ He was right to be upset over the outrageous spending then, and he should feel that same way now about a deal that adds nearly $2 trillion to the national debt over the next 10 years. If this monstrosity passes the Senate today, President Trump should keep his promise to the American people and veto the bill. Congress and the White House need to go back to the drawing board until they come up with something that breaks the cycle of budgeting by crisis and reins in out-of-control spending.”

In 2018, the President signed a $1.3 trillion omnibus package. At that time, President Trump balked at the massive spending increase saying that he would “never sign a bill like this again.” Under this agreement, he’s setting the stage to sign appropriations bills in the fall that will add nearly $2 trillion to the debt over the next 10 years.