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AFP Urges Legislative Action Before Crossover Date

Feb 17, 2020 by AFP

Charleston, WV—Today Americans for Prosperity-West Virginia (AFP-WV) provided an update on their Path to Prosperity Legislative Agenda. The organization is highlighting all of the Key Vote Alerts that have been released to lawmakers and working to elevate must-pass bills that have yet to progress.

February 26th is Crossover Day for the legislature, meaning that bills must have passed beyond their house of origin on that date. AFP-WV is calling on legislative leaders to move key bills out of their house of origin in order to keep vital legislation alive and moving through the legislative process.

AFP-WV State Director Jason Huffman released the following statement:

“We are pleased to see principled lawmakers advancing pivotal pieces of legislation that are addressing some of our state’s biggest issues. From proven criminal justice reforms to protecting our constitutional rights to free speech, lawmakers are helping remove barriers and increasing opportunity for West Virginians—but more must be done this session to help every Mountaineer rise. We’re reminding lawmakers that it’s imperative to keep moving key legislation before the crossover deadline. AFP is working with lawmakers of every stripe to band together, put partisanship aside, and unite to do what is right for our great state.”

Priority Bills That Must Pass Their House of Origin Before Crossover Day (February 26th):

HB 4717 – Civil Asset Forfeiture Mandatory Reporting (Sent to Judiciary Subcommittee on 2/12)

SB 563 – Eliminating the suspension of driver’s licenses for unpaid fines and fees (Sent to Senate Judiciary Committee on 1/21)

HB 4837 – Eliminating the suspension of driver’s licenses for unpaid fines and fees (Sent to House Judiciary Committee on 2/11)

SB 548 – Universal Recognition of Occupational Licensure (Sent to Senate Government Organization Committee on 1/20)

SB 646 – The Occupational Licensing Review Act (Sent to Senate Government Organization Committee on 1/29)

HB 4645 – Creating the Office of Fiscal and Regulatory Affairs (Sent to House Government Organization Committee on 2/3)

HB 4432 – Removing the one-time limit on the expungement of certain criminal convictions

Key Vote Alerts Released: 

HB 2419 – Bail Reform (Sent to Senate Government Organization Committee on 1/30)

HB 4352 – Removing the use of post-criminal conduct in professional and occupational initial licensure or certification in decision making (Sent to Senate Government Organization Committee on 2/7)

HB 4353 – Expanding the Fresh Start Act of 2019 (Senate Passage 2/18)

SB 620 – Parole Reform (House Passage on 2/18)

SB 16 – Creating the Protect Our Right to Unite Act (Passed Both Chambers on 2/13)

Oppose Payment Parity provisions in any telehealth legislation


AFP-WV updated its Path to Prosperity, a comprehensive policy agenda that seeks to elevate and amplify voices of West Virginians across the state who want to remove the barriers that are holding them back.