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AFP to Key Vote Against Bill that Stifles Free Speech and Limits Civic Engagement  

Feb 4, 2019 by AFP

Group says vote “NO” on passage of H.R.1, which protects the political class at the expense of everyday Americans. 

ARLINGTON, Va. – Americans for Prosperity issued a Key Vote Alert on Monday, urging members of Congress to vote “NO” on passage of H.R. 1, which protects incumbent politicians, politically weaponizes the FEC, creates restrictions on political speech, and discourages people from supporting nonprofit organizations. 

While H.R. 1 contains some positive provisions, notably the restoration of voting rights for formerly incarcerated felons, this policy should be broken out and considered on its own merit and in each state. Instead, H.R. 1 muddles the worthy goal of expanding voting rights with the threat of stripping individuals of their choice to keep their beliefs private from the government, which would ultimately discourage people from giving to charitable and civic organizations. 

View the Key Vote Alert Here 

In the Key Vote Alert issued to House lawmakers today, AFP Chief Government Affairs Officer Brent Gardner writes:

“H.R. 1 benefits incumbent politicians, not the people. The free speech regulations in H.R.1 would make it more difficult than ever for people to make their voices heard and hold their elected leaders accountable. Its provisions would significantly increase the regulatory and compliance costs of engaging in political speech, which would result in fewer voices and less civic engagement. With so many challenges facing our nation, Washington should be making it easier to participate in our democracy; the restrictions on free speech in H.R. 1 would make it harder.” 

Read more about AFP’s position on H.R. 1 here.

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