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AFP: Supreme Court Should Deny Insurance Companies an Obamacare Bailout

Dec 10, 2019 by AFP

Arlington, Va.—Today, the Supreme Court ​heard oral arguments from insurance companies requesting a bailout after participating in the Affordable Care Act “risk corridors” program, which Congress appropriately defunded. Americans for Prosperity (AFP) filed an amicus brief opposing the insurance companies, arguing that the Supreme Court must preserve Congress’s exclusive authority to tax and spend and not allow the judicial or executive branches to overstep their bounds and override the legislature’s decision.

Casey Mattox, Vice President, Legal & Judicial Strategy, Americans for Prosperity, issued the following statement:

“Congress ultimately holds the power of the purse, and taxpayers shouldn’t have to subsidize the risk voluntarily taken by these insurance companies when they participated in the Obamacare program. Insurance companies knew the risks of offering plans on Affordable Care Act exchanges, and it’s not up to taxpayers to bail them out. Congress was right to eliminate these payments​, and the courts would be wrong to overrule its decision.”


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