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AFP Statement on Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

Apr 3, 2019 by AFP

MADISON, Wis. – Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin (AFP-WI) on Wednesday congratulated Judge Brian Hagedorn on his performance in the race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which currently has him in the lead. The group also applauded the incredible effort of its grassroots teams, who had mobilized across the state to have conversations with voters and urge them to vote for Judge Brian Hagedorn. AFP-WI activists made 750,000 voter contacts through door knocking, phone banking, and other grassroots tactics.


AFP-WI State Director Eric Bott issued the following statement:

“There’s no question our engagement made a huge difference. Our activists backed Judge Hagedorn because they knew his restrained judicial philosophy is exactly what’s needed on Wisconsin’s Supreme Court. Hagedorn is a fair and independent judge who will decide cases based on the rule of law and the Constitution, not partisan politics. Judge Hagedorn will be resolute in his defense of the bedrock principles enshrined in our Constitution, and we applaud our activists for their incredible effort over the last several weeks.”

Over the last seven weeks AFP-WI activists made 750,000 voter contacts. The grassroots group also sent 1.5 million pieces of targeted mail in support of Hagedorn. The mail pieces can be viewed here: mail #1, mail #2, mail #3, mail #4.


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