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AFP Statement on Biden & Pritzker’s UAW Meeting

Nov 9, 2023 by AFP

ROCKFORD, IL – Today, President Joe Biden and his favorite governor, J.B. Pritzker, met with United Automobile Workers (UAW) leaders after Stellantis agreed to reopen the auto plant.

After the meeting, Americans for Prosperity-Illinois State Director Jason Heffley released the following statement:

“Biden’s trip to Belvidere to spike the football on the re-opening of the Stellanis Belvidere plant is premature and a little tone-deaf. Reckless spending and the failed Biden Pritzker agenda have caused the price of everyday goods to skyrocket and forced far too many families to make too many tough spending decisions. Holding a celebration before we know the true cost to taxpayers is the epitome of the failed Biden Pritzker economic policy.”

“Instead of spending the week in Springfield focusing on policies to give our children more educational opportunities like the Invest in Kids Act, Pritzker is more concerned with playing politics. From flying to Miami to stump for Biden to campaigning with him today in Belvidere, it’s clear that Pritzker’s loyalties lie with his party bosses and not Illinoisans. Gov. Pritzker should have been in Springfield advocating for his party to call and pass the bill to save the Invest in Kids Tax Credit Scholarship program.”

Governor Pritzker’s participation in a national political event is diverting his attention from the urgent matter of securing the future of the Invest in Kids program, which has helped thousands of families and students. The program’s continued success is paramount, and the Governor’s decision to attend campaign events is a failure of leadership.

Why has Gov. Pritzker placed a greater emphasis on passing a $536 million tax incentive package for Goiton, a corporate entity, but seems uninterested in securing vital tax credits for children from low-income families through the Invest in Kids Tax Credit Scholarship program? Gov. Pritzker’s replenishable corporate welfare “closing fund” could fund more than five years of the Invest in Kids tax credit scholarship program. He shouldn’t award any more corporate welfare tax incentives until the legislature extends the Invest in Kids program.