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Limited Government

AFP Praises SCOTUS Decision To Halt President’s Clean Power Plan

Feb 10, 2016 by AFP

Today Americans for Prosperity – the nation’s largest advocate for economic freedom – issued a statement in response to the Supreme Court’s decision to block President Obama’s far-reaching energy regulations.

Americans for Prosperity CEO Luke Hilgemann had this to say:

“President Obama famously declared he would use his pen and phone to go around Congress and enact his own radical environmental agenda.  Tonight, that executive overreach was halted by the Supreme Court. We’re thrilled that the Court has acted in the best interest of the American people and state regulators.

“This decision is clear confirmation that the many states who refused to implement Obama’s draconian energy regulations were on the right path. We expect those states that already moved forward with enacting these regulations will be rethinking that decision.”

Americans for Prosperity is supported by a nationwide network of grassroots activists who believe in affordable, reliable energy and oppose regulations that would hurt jobs and cause double-digit price hikes. The group has consistently opposed the Obama administration’s sweeping federal mandates that dictate how states produce their own energy, which even DC bureaucrats admit will do next to nothing to impact global temperatures.


Last week Americans for Prosperity hosted a tele-townhall featuring Attorneys General Pruitt and Morrisey, where they discussed state-based efforts to oppose the job-killing energy regulations from Obama’s EPA.

AFP previously issued a letter of support for a CRA resolution disapproving of the Clean Power Plan, found here.

AFP also issued a letter of support for the CRA resolution disapproving of NSPS here.