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AFP Praises House Committee for Highlighting Campus Free Speech Crisis

Sep 26, 2023 by AFP

ARLINGTON, VA – Today, Americans for Prosperity applauded the House Committee on Education and the Workforce for calling attention to the threat to First Amendment freedoms at colleges and universities across the country. The committee’s new report details policy analysis and audience research that shows the scope of threats to free speech in higher education.

“We commend the committee for prioritizing and raising awareness of the state of free speech at colleges and universities,” said AFP senior policy analyst David Voorman. “Americans don’t give up their constitutional rights when they step onto campus, and we work to ensure those foundational liberties are defended for students and scholars. Research continues to show there remains work to do. Public universities are bound by the Constitution, but unfortunately many are failing.”

Free speech allows us to explore, test, and build on ideas. It’s why higher education has been called the “marketplace of ideas.” AFP is committed to defending civil liberties that ensure students can continue to freely engage in open and civil debate.

“Universities should be the solution for fostering free speech, not the problem,” AFP vice president Casey Mattox has written. That’s why it’s important to get campus speech right. Coalitions in many states have advocated for laws that require their universities to uphold First Amendment rights by eliminating unconstitutional speech zones, speech codes, and student organization policies. AFP invites you to join in continuing that vital work.

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