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AFP Praises Comprehensive Budget Bill, Calls on Congress to Create a Real Budget

Jan 11, 2024 by AFP

Arlington, VA —Americans for Prosperity applauds the introduction of the Comprehensive Congressional Budget Act of 2024 to address the nation’s growing debt crisis. The bill introduced today by Rep. Blake Moore (R-UT) and Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez (D-WA) would require Congress to produce a complete budget with all spending and revenue in one annual bill, giving Members the commonsense ability to manage the federal budget holistically each year.

Congress’ current annual budget process touches only a quarter of federal spending and no revenue, leaving Members no regular way to review most of the federal government’s budget policies each year. The Comprehensive Congressional Budget Act would fix this broken process by requiring Congress to create a real budget from the contributions of many committees, empowering Members to rein in waste and ensure the federal government is spending the right amount on the right responsibilities.

With national deficits skyrocketing and major trust fund programs facing insolvency, AFP is calling on Congress to fast-track this important bill and help stop Washington’s budget dysfunction. Most organizations and many states already have a comprehensive budget, and Congress should too.

AFP Senior Fellow in Fiscal Policy Kurt Couchman said:

“Reps. Blake Moore and Marie Gluesenkamp Perez have the can-do attitude that Americans deserve from their representatives in Congress. They recognize the need to fix the dangerously dysfunctional federal budget system, and their Comprehensive Congressional Budget Act would take a major step forward. They see that Congress hasn’t been able to manage the federal budget because it doesn’t do an annual budget that includes everything. Appropriations are important, but they are barely a quarter of spending and no revenue. This bill would empower all members of Congress to deliver better and better value for the American people. Congress should fast-track Reps. Moore and Gluesenkamp Perez’ legislation as an important step toward the deliberative and responsible legislature that America needs.”

Click HERE for a two-pager on the Comprehensive Congressional Budget Act.