Americans for Prosperity Press Release

AFP-OK Urges Schools’ and Families’ Participation in Historic School Choice Program

Nov 8, 2023 by AFP

TULSA, OK — Americans for Prosperity-Oklahoma (AFP-OK) today applauded the beginning of enrollment for schools in Oklahoma’s new Parental Choice Tax Credit, upon the launch of the program’s new government website.

The unique universal school choice program, signed into law by Governor Kevin Stitt in May, will provide educational freedom for families through income-based tax credits – up to a maximum of $7,500 per student annually – that can be used on private school tuition or home school expenses.

AFP-OK State Director John Tidwell made the following statement:

“Today we celebrate the beginning of an exciting chapter in Oklahoma’s history in which children and families will be empowered to make the educational choices that are best for them. Our AFP community is grateful to the lawmakers who made this historic legislation, now more than 10 years in the making, into a reality.

“As the enrollment launch grows near, we encourage every eligible school and their families to prepare and take advantage of this opportunity — let’s help every child fulfill their potential.”