AFP-OH Testifies to Oppose Bill on Texting Regulations

Jun 12, 2024 by AFP

Columbus, OH – Today, Americans for Prosperity-Ohio (AFP-OH) Legislative Director Hannah Kubbins provided testimony to the House Technology and Innovation Committee to discuss House Bill 357 and its misguided attempt to regulate texting encryption.

Kubbins’ testimony focused on how HB 357, while titled the Safe and Reliable Texting Act, over-regulates texting laws and fails to make texting safer. Because this legislation will only limit freedom for Ohioans and convolute cell phone data and texting, AFP-OH encourages the General Assembly to oppose HB 357.

AFP-OH Legislative Director Hannah Kubbins testified before the committee:

“On behalf of our thousands of activists across the Buckeye state, we strongly urge you to oppose HB 357, the Safe and Reliable Texting Act. Despite its name, the legislation will neither make texting any safer nor reliable. This legislation represents a classic example of a solution in search of a problem.

“Make no mistake. Americans for Prosperity supports encryption technologies, and strongly encourages people to integrate it into various aspects of their life. We have repeatedly and firmly opposed legislative proposals both at the state and federal level that would undermine encryption technology, standing up for the privacy of Ohioans and Americans around the country.

“Furthermore, none of this includes the vibrant ecosystem of alternative messaging platforms that exist on the market to service consumer needs in this space.

“All of this reinforces the point that consumers are both aware and more than capable of handling this issue on their own, with no clear or compelling justification for government action.

“There are a litany of issues facing Ohio today that require the legislature’s attention, and the provision of text message services are not one of them. It is for these reasons that we ask you to oppose HB 357.”