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AFP-NJ Responds to Governor Murphy’s Tax Proposal 

Sep 17, 2020 by AFP

Trenton, N.J. – Americans for Prosperity-New Jersey (AFP-NJ) responded on Thursday to Governor Murphy’s new tax proposal. The deal will raise taxes of those making over $1 million while providing a one-time rebate for families who make less than $150,000 a year with one child or more in the household.

AFP-NJ State Director Tony Howley issued the following statement:

“We have long been saying that New Jersey individuals and families should be keeping more of the hard-earned money they make. However, this plan is very narrow and picks more losers than winners, even among individuals making less than $150,000. Every taxpaying New Jerseyan needs real, permanent tax cuts now – not one time rebates that won’t hit banks until next year. Lawmakers must identify long term, sustainable solutions for all rather than these band-aid solutions that carry hefty price tags.

“If policymakers can’t pay the bills even with the incredibly aggressive tax rates currently in place, maybe the problem isn’t that we’re not taxing enough. These are the kinds of policies that lead to New Jersey’s outmigration, leaving fewer people and companies to contribute to our economy and fund government functions. Now is the time to break the status quo, make tough decisions to cut unnecessary spending, and put New Jersey on a path to prosperity.”