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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

AFP-NH Toasts Rep. Jeanine Notter at Annual Christmas Celebration

Dec 1, 2022 by AFP

Manchester, New Hampshire—Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire (AFP-NH) will honor Rep. Jeanine Notter at its annual Christmas Party at 6:30 on December 15 at Murphy’s Taproom and Carriage House.

The annual gathering is the grassroots group’s final event of the year, culminating with the presentation of the Tom Thomson Defender of Liberty Award and the Freedom Fighter of the Year Award.

This year’s recipient of the Tom Thomson Defender of Liberty Award is Rep. Jeanine Notter (Hillsborough-12).

AFP-NH State Director Greg Moore made the following statement honoring Rep. Notter:

“Rep. Jeanine Notter has been a leader in making New Hampshire a freer state for the past 12 years.  Her work to make the Granite State a beacon of liberty to the nation is commendable.  She is very deserving of the 2022 Tom Thomson Defender of Liberty award winner.  We look forward to honoring her fine work and working with her in the future to continue to keep New Hampshire the freest state in the nation.”

The award is named for AFP-NH Honorary Chairman Tom Thomson who will present the award to Rep. Notter. Mr. Thomson gave the following remarks following the announcement:

“Rep. Notter has done a remarkable job of not only keeping the New Hampshire Advantage alive, but growing it. This year’s law that lowered taxes on businesses is a notable example of her leadership and making the state a more competitive place.  We need just these types of efforts to ensure that we remain on top and continue our Live Free or Die tradition.”

AFP-NH will also be presenting the Freedom Fighter of the Year Award. The award recipient will be announced at the celebration.

The event is open to the public with free registration. Register online HERE.


Background on Rep. Notter

Rep. Jeanine Notter is currently serving in her sixth term (just re-elected to her seventh), representing the town of Merrimack.  She serves in the role of House Majority Whip, in which her responsibilities include communicating policy and strategy information to the Republican caucus, encouraging members to attend session, and supporting Republican positions.  She also serves on the House Science, Technology and Energy Committee.

Rep. Notter has sponsored numerous bills to make New Hampshire more competitive and to reduce the cost of living for New Hampshire residents. This year, she sponsored a new law to provide further employer tax relief that built on successful efforts of prior years, which has transformed our state’s economy into the fastest growing in the Northeast.  Last year, she passed a law making it even harder for the state to join a program like the Transportation and Climate Initiative, a back-door gas and diesel tax hike. In prior years, Rep. Notter has sponsored numerous bills that would reduce energy costs for Granite Staters, lower regulatory burdens, and eliminate tolls in her hometown of Merrimack.

Rep. Notter has been a reliable leader in the liberty movement, consistently scoring A or A+ grades with AFP-NH as well as being highly ranked by other liberty-aligned groups, such as the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance and the House Republican Alliance.