AFP-NH Testifies to Oppose Massachusetts Tax Change

Aug 27, 2020 by AFP

Grassroots group urges the Massachusetts Department of Revenue to not punish Granite Staters for working from home, abiding by COVID protocols

BOSTON, MA – Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire (AFP-NH) today will testify before the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, Rulings and Regulations Bureau and urge the Department to reject a proposed regulation that would change the manner in which out-of-state residents owe income taxes when their employer is based in Massachusetts.

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In the testimony, AFP-NH State Director Greg Moore states:

“The emergency rule would change the manner in which out-of-state residents owe income taxes when working for an employer based in Massachusetts. Due to Coronavirus shutdowns, many individuals began working from home, largely at the direction or mandate of the state. Historically, the Commonwealth would credit New Hampshire residents for days not worked in the state. Now with revenue down 29 percent from last year, the Massachusetts government is attempting to balance the budget on the backs of hard working Granite Staters.

“Good tax policy commands that wherever you physically work is where you should be taxed, which is why so many people come to live in New Hampshire since we are able to balance our budget without a sales or an income tax. Furthermore, this emergency order is counter to long-standing tax policy of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that income is charged where you work, not where you live.

“I urge you to reject this regulation and not punish hardworking Granite Staters for following COVID-19 protocols and keeping the Bay State safe during this public health crisis.”