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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

AFP-NH Announces New Wave of State Legislature Candidates

Aug 17, 2022 by AFP

Concord, NH – Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire (AFP-NH) today announced the organization’s endorsement of nine candidates running for seats in the New Hampshire state legislature.

These additional endorsements bring AFP-NH’s total candidates endorsed to 38. The candidates endorsed today are:

  • Barbara Comtois (Belknap-7)
  • Travis Corcoran (Hillsborough-44)
  • Emily Phillips (Rockingham-7)
  • Paul Schirduan (Grafton-3)
  • Tony Piemonte (Rockingham-9)
  • Aidan Ankarberg (Strafford-6)
  • Alicia Lekas (Hillsborough-38)
  • Tony Lekas (Hillsborough-38)
  • Christopher True (Rockingham-9)

AFP-NH State Director Greg Moore issued the following statement:

“AFP-NH continues to endorse candidates for the state legislature who are willing to break down government barriers that limit opportunities for families, workers, and entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and succeed. In addition to the others AFP-NH has endorsed, these candidates will champion policies that promote the New Hampshire Advantage.”

The organization will leverage its network of volunteer activists to support endorsed candidates and educate voters using one of the nation’s most advanced targeting and outreach capabilities.


State Rep. Barbara Comtois (Belknap-7)

Rep. Barbara Comtois pushed to make Education Freedom Accounts a high-priority issue and worked to include the legislation in the budget process. She has been a reliable voice supporting education opportunity expansion policies over multiple sessions. In addition, Comtois was vital in getting a budget deal that included key tax and budget reforms.

Travis Corcoran (Hillsborough-44)

When elected in November, voters can count on Travis Corcoran to advance much-needed reforms that increase fairness and confidence in our criminal justice system. Corcoran will work to reform the civil asset forfeiture process to protect against unfair abuses and increase police accountability to improve public trust and support for our hard-working police. Corcoran will support efforts to require a supermajority vote to raise taxes.

Emily Phillips (Rockingham-7)

Emily Phillips’ work on her local budget committee and as a former school board member indicates that she will be a taxpayer friend in the state legislature by supporting fiscally responsible government spending. She will also work to empower parents with more options to better prepare their children for a successful future through education freedom accounts and increasing access to alternative education opportunities such as private schools and home-schooling.

Paul Schirduan (Grafton-3)

Paul Schirduan will work as a state legislator to get the government out of the way so hard-working people can succeed. He will support right-to-work legislation and efforts to rein in spending and taxes. He will support health care personal options by reforming certificate-of-need regulations that limit access and increase costs. He will oppose Medicaid expansion that will weaken the system’s ability to serve the truly needy.

State Rep. Tony Piemonte (Rockingham-9)

Rep. Tony Piemonte has been a strong advocate for New Hampshire taxpayers through his work to improve how property taxes are levied and local budgets are passed. His support for pro-worker policies such as opposing minimum wage increases and reforming occupational licensing laws promote employment opportunities and a more robust economy.

State Rep. Aidan Ankarberg (Strafford-6)

Rep. Aidan Ankarberg has repeatedly put the taxpayers’ interests ahead of the special interests. He introduced legislation that would ban using taxpayer dollars for passenger rail. He has worked to build legislative coalitions to reduce taxes and create education savings accounts that help empower parents with options that meet their children’s individual learning needs.

State Rep. Alicia Lekas (Hillsborough-38)

Rep. Alicia Lekas is a proven leader advancing educational freedom for New Hampshire parents and children. She has cosponsored multiple education bills, including legislation to create Education Freedom Accounts, increase education tax credit scholarship eligibility, and deregulate home-schooling. She has advanced worker freedom by cosponsoring right-to-work legislation and voting to reduce occupational licensing requirements.

State Rep. Tony Lekas (Hillsborough-38)

Rep. Tony Lekas has a proven track record of supporting New Hampshire taxpayers through his support for legislation that lowers taxes and spends hard-earned tax dollars responsibly, such as opposing the use of taxpayer dollars to subsidize passenger rail. Lekas has also voted to support educational freedom, giving parents greater control over their children’s education, including expanding eligibility for education tax credit scholarships.

State Rep. Christopher True (Rockingham-9)

Rep. Christopher True has a solid record opposing corporate welfare that puts the special interests ahead of the people’s interests, including votes to oppose subsidies and incentives for solar, dairy, and Re-gen tech industries. He supports policies that advance work and education freedom, such as right-to-work policies and education freedom accounts.