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AFP – Nebraska Releases Poll Showing Nebraskans Want True Tax Reform

Jan 11, 2024 by AFP

LINCOLN, NE – Today, Americans for Prosperity – Nebraska released polling results which showed the vast majority of Nebraskans support long-term tax reforms that focus on cutting spending and limiting government growth to provide real tax relief. The results also showed that Nebraskans oppose any attempt to shift taxes instead of cutting taxes.

AFP – NE State Director John Gage issued the following statement:

“Nebraska taxpayers want real and direct tax relief. State lawmakers should aggressively limit local property taxing authority and spending to provide real and lasting tax relief. Our survey shows Nebraskans want long-term and permanent tax relief, not quick fixes.”

AFP-NE Survey Results Found:

  1. 70% of Nebraskans oppose raising the sales tax to provide property tax relief.
  2. Only 14% of Nebraskans support raising the sales tax to pay for property tax relief while 60% support spending limits on local governments.

AFP-NE encourages state lawmakers to focus their efforts on:

  1. Providing real tax relief, not a tax shift.
  2. Cutting, limiting, and stopping the growth of spending on all levels of government.
  3. Hold local government accountable, especially school districts, and halt the growth of local property tax increases.
  4. Continue consolidating or eliminating property tax authority from local government entities that are abusing their authority.
  5. Tax relief should be as direct to taxpayers as possible.

State lawmakers need to have the courage to stand up to local officials, especially school districts, that are abusing taxpayers and spending irresponsibly. The poll results show that taxpayers are clearly fed up with how local government is treating their tax dollars.

The survey was conducted January 8 through January 9, 2024. The sample consisted of registered voters who indicated they were likely to vote in the 2024 General Election. Data was collected by telephone to landlines and cell phones. 800 likely voters were interviewed in the survey. The survey has a margin of error of +/-3.7% with a 95% level of confidence.

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