AFP-Montana, Aaron Flint to Host Statewide Tour Highlighting Failed Policies of Biden-Tester Agenda

Mar 19, 2024 by AFP

BILLINGS, MT — Americans for Prosperity-Montana (AFP-MT) is partnering with popular radio show host and veteran Aaron Flint to lead a statewide tour showcasing the failed policies of Jon Tester and Joe Biden and the negative impact their progressive agenda has had on Montanans.

Four years of devastating “Bidenomics” policies have wreaked havoc on the Montana economy. From slashing American energy innovation to pushing inflationary policies that continue to raise the prices of everything from gas to groceries, Montana can’t afford another term of the Biden agenda.

Jon Tester was the deciding vote to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline, taking thousands of good-paying jobs away from Montana and the region. Montanans deserve a senator who will put their best interest ahead of his political party allies.

AFP-MT plans to host grocery giveaway events to highlight the rising price of everyday day items, gas station events to showcase the high cost of fuel in the Mountain West, and other giveaway events that tie “Bidenomics” and Washington, DC to the high cost of living in Montana. At each of these events, Americans for Prosperity will pay the 20% difference that Biden and Tester inflation is taking out of the pockets of hard-working Montanans. The tour will span the state and run from March through April.

The first event will kick off on Thursday, March 21, 2024, at Eugene’s Pizza in Glasgow. At the event, AFP-MT will connect Montanans to the failed policies of the Biden administration and will pay the 24% difference inflation has caused on menu prices. AFP will pay the difference, before tip, for two hours.

“Jon Tester and the Biden administration have both undermined Montanans since day one in office. Whether it be cost-of-living increases, undermining American energy innovation or voting to shutter the Keystone XL Pipeline, time and again Tester and Biden have proven they’ll put DC interests ahead of Montana,” said Aaron Flint. “This tour will highlight the impact these devastating policies are having right here in Montana – it’s time Tester and Biden be held accountable.”

“AFP is honored to have Aaron Flint at the helm of this tour. A true Montana patriot, Aaron Flint deeply understands the issues facing Montanans each and every day,” said AFP-MT State Director Jesse Ramos. “Montanans know too well that the rising costs of everyday expenses are unsustainable – this tour will tie that truth to the harmful policies being pushed by Tester and Biden in Washington, DC.”