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AFP Launches Major Bidenomics Bus Tour Across America

May 2, 2024 by AFP

Grassroots Network Turns Up Heat on Bad Economics of Bidenomics

Americans for Prosperity today announced the launch of a major six-month Bidenomics Bus Tour across America. AFP’s Bidenomics Bus Tour will crisscross key states this summer and fall to turn up the heat on House and Senate lawmakers who helped create the train wreck of Bidenomics and unleashed the higher prices and economic pain facing all Americans.

AFP’s Bidenomics Buses will travel to cities across the country to hear from Americans who are experiencing the pain of President Biden’s economic policies and connect them to policies that make prosperity possible. The tour will kick off this week with events in Montana and New Jersey and will feature more than 500 events through the fall, including a series of events rolling back the prices on food, groceries, and gas to what they were before Bidenomics. At each stop, the tour will counter the White House’s misleading claims on the economy and give Americans the chance to share how President Biden’s runaway spending agenda has impacted them.

AFP is throwing significant weight behind its accountability effort to define the true impact of Bidenomics and force lawmakers to own their support of Bidenomics, no matter what the White House chooses to call Bidenomics. In March, AFP launched – the website Joe Biden doesn’t want you to see – as a real-time resource for fact checks of Biden’s latest misleading rhetoric on the economy. AFP’s campaign will include digital and mail outreach, door knocking, and phone calls to hold key lawmakers accountable and provide Americans with the truth.

AFP Vice President of Government Affairs Akash Chougule said:

“AFP brings together an unparalleled grassroots network and what we’re hearing from Americans is that Bidenomics has made life unaffordable. With 40-year high inflation, higher gas prices and home energy costs, interest rates doubling, and grocery bills that are through the roof, families are feeling the squeeze. When President Biden and his allies in Congress brag about the economy thriving, Americans can see by their checkbooks it’s simply not true. As the President and his allies continue to tout his costly economic agenda, we are crisscrossing the country to hear from Americans and hold these lawmakers accountable. We and the millions of Americans we represent are committed to stopping the failed policies of Bidenomics and offering a better vision for America’s future.”

In the last four years, Bidenomics has directly contributed to higher prices for all Americans by adding more than $5.5 trillion in new spending to an already bloated federal budget. Reckless spending has driven the national debt past $34 trillion – more than $258,000 of debt per household – and Americans’ purchasing power has declined as families have seen the prices of goods and services rise much faster than their income. Prices are now 19.4% higher, and the average household is paying $11,400 more each year just to maintain the same quality of life as when President Biden took office.

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