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Kentucky State Capitol

AFP-KY Announces Support for State Policy Champions

Sep 6, 2018 by AFP

FRANKFORT, KY—Americans for Prosperity-Kentucky (AFP-KY) today announced support for six Kentucky State Representatives based on their leadership on policies that work to remove barriers to opportunity and improve Kentuckians’ lives: Rep. Richard Heath (KY-02), Rep. Jim Gooch (KY-12), Rep. DJ Johnson (KY-13), Rep. Brandon Reed (KY-24), Rep. Kevin Bratcher (KY-29), and Rep. Phil Moffett (KY-32).

In supporting these legislative champions, AFP-KY will launch grassroots efforts by canvassing and phone banking that will be backed up by a targeted direct mail effort.

AFP-Kentucky State Director Andrew McNeill issued the following statement:

“Our activists are proud to support principled lawmakers that will continue to champion legislation to remove barriers and improve the lives of Kentuckians. We’re excited to get to work and encourage fellow Kentucky citizens to re-elect state Reps. Richard Heath, Jim Gooch, DJ Johnson, Brandon Reed, Kevin Bratcher, and Phil Moffett in November.  We strongly urge voters in their respective districts to send these policy champions back to Frankfort.”

  • Richard Heath (House District 2): Representative Heath was a tenacious champion for the “Homebaker’s Bill” in 2018, a recent occupational licensing reform law that allows home-based processors to pursue their passion through expanded markets and opportunity. This occupational licensing reform points the way to the need to continue to further remove licensing barriers in Kentucky.
  • Jim Gooch (House District 12): Representative Gooch has been a principled voice for sound energy policy in the House of Representatives. His effort to level the energy playing field by eliminating market distorting net metering subsidies demonstrates his commitment to protecting utility ratepayers.
  • DJ Johnson (House District 13): Representative Johnson understands that reducing red tape can help people in skilled trades land good-paying jobs. His support of the Red Tape Reduction initiative will help ensure it remains a key component of Kentucky’s economic-freedom agenda.
  • Brandon Reed (House District 24): Representative Reed is a reliable voice in support of workplace freedom, paycheck protection, and repeal of the prevailing wage that wastes taxpayer dollars. His first term record indicates he is poised to become a leader that supports the necessary changes to keep Kentucky moving forward.
  • Kevin Bratcher (House District 29): Representative Bratcher’s role as Majority Whip was critical to the historic 2017 session, which saw the long-sought passage of Right to Work and Paycheck Protection, and the repeal of the prevailing wage. These measures have launched Kentucky along a new trajectory of record-setting investment and job creation throughout the state.
  • Phil Moffett (House District 32): Representative Moffett is a long-standing champion of individual liberty and economic freedom. He puts principle over political expediency and represents the best of public service.  If Kentucky is to continue building on its historic progress since the beginning of 2017, we need principled leaders like Rep. Moffett to make it happen.

For further information or an interview, reach Nicole Tardif at or (571) 329-0161.