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AFP & Freedom Partners: 2018 Omnibus Perpetuates Reckless Washington Spending, Fails to Protect Future Generations from Crushing Debt

Mar 22, 2018 by AFP

Arlington, VA — Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce and Americans for Prosperity today announced their opposition to the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018, “must-pass” spending legislation agreed to by congressional leaders to keep the federal government funded.

In a letter issued to all Members of Congress, AFP Chief Government Affairs Officer Brent Gardner and Freedom Partners Executive Vice President Nathan Nascimento blasted the last-minute legislation as proof that “neither party is willing to practice the kind of fiscal discipline that American taxpayers deserve.”

“This massive $1.3 trillion spending bill comes on the heels of February’s appalling budget deal that set the stage for a decade of massive increases in federal spending, trillion-dollar deficits and ballooning national debt. This kind of out-of-control spending and reckless disregard for the burden that will be pushed onto future generations is a sign that lawmakers in Washington—from both parties—have abdicated their roles as stewards of taxpayer dollars … 

“…To say that this spending bill is a disappointment would be an understatement. We have seen lawmaker after lawmaker, Congress after Congress, make promises on the campaign trail to reduce federal spending, only to arrive in Washington and vote for bills that do the exact opposite.”

In addition, Freedom Partners and AFP expressed their disappointment that “lawmakers failed to seize this opportunity to deliver a permanent solution for Dreamers” and pledged to “remain committed to working with Congress and the administration to provide the certainty needed so that Dreamers may plan their lives and the continued application of their skills and talents in this country.”

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Americans for Prosperity (AFP) exists to recruit, educate, and mobilize citizens in support of the policies and goals of a free society at the local, state, and federal level, helping every American live their dream – especially the least fortunate. Freedom Partners is a non-profit, non-partisan chamber of commerce dedicated to protecting freedom and expanding opportunity for every American—no matter where they live, what they do or how much money they have.