AFP Comments on Passage of Superfund, Urges Governor to Veto

May 3, 2024 by AFP

Montpelier, Vermont – Today, the Vermont House of Representatives passed the Superfund with a vote of 110-33. Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is urging the Governor to veto this bill that would make reliable energy less accessible and more expensive for Vermonters.

AFP Northeast Region Director Ross Connolly released the following statement:

“This superfund includes measures that would require energy companies to unjustly pay compensation for climate change damages and force funding for so-called green energy programs. In reality, this top-down policy falls on the shoulders of hardworking Vermonters who will face higher energy costs because of this misguided rule.

“At a time where Vermonters are facing record high costs, property tax increases, and EV mandates, more big government regulations will only make life harder and more expensive for Vermonters. We urge Governor Scott to act in the best interest of Vermonters and veto this bill when it arrives on his desk.”


AFP issued a Key Vote Alert (KVA) to urge the Vermont House of Representatives to oppose this bill. AFP is committed to championing policies that promote opportunity and individual success and stands firm in opposing costly government mandates that prioritize corporate welfare over the well-being of Vermonters.