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AFP: Chairman Pai’s Legacy of “Regulatory Humility” a Model for Good Governance

Nov 30, 2020 by AFP

Arlington, Va. – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) praised FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s service following his announcement earlier today that he will be stepping down from his role on January 20th after four years of unparalleled leadership.

AFP Senior Tech Policy Analyst Billy Easley II issued the following statement:

“Chairman Pai leaves a legacy that goes far beyond the important policy reforms he accomplished. His commitment to regulatory humility – recognizing the inherent limitations of regulation and acting in accordance with those limits – sets a model for all independent agencies. His thoughtful approach to regulatory work should be considered the gold standard in Washington. This was especially evident at the outbreak of a pandemic, where his approach ensured that millions of Americans remained connected when bandwidth was pushed to the limit. He never buckled under public pressure and always stood by his principles. His policy victories speak for themselves, including his work to restore a light-touch approach to internet regulation, oppose the nationalization of 5G, create the Office of Economics and Data Analysis, and much more. We thank Chairman Pai for his consummate leadership and will work to ensure that his legacy of regulatory humility lives on.”