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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

AFP-AZ Survey Shows Strong Support for Tax Reform

May 20, 2021 by AFP

Grassroots group also launches campaign on tax reform proposal

PHOENIX, AZ – Americans for Prosperity-Arizona (AFP-AZ) today unveiled a new survey commissioned by AFP-AZ showing that the vast majority of Arizonans support reducing the personal income tax rate. Key findings show that voters believe a tax reduction is important to spur economic growth and allow Arizonans to keep their own money.

AFP-AZ also announced a statewide campaign to boost support for tax reform. The grassroots group is supporting a plan that, beginning in 2023, would reduce the state personal income tax rate to 2.5% for all taxpayers, except for the highest bracket who will pay 4.5%.

The six-figure campaign includes radio advertisement, digital outreach, and direct mail that connects Arizonans to a webpage, allowing them to contact their lawmakers to urge support for tax reform.

The topline results of the survey demonstrate the following:

  • Nearly two-thirds of Arizona voters believe it is time to reduce the personal income tax to make it flatter and fairer.
  • 66% of surveyed voters said it’s very important to allow Arizona families to keep more of their own money, in addition to 62% saying it’s very important to allow small businesses to pay less in taxes so they can use their own money to grow and create jobs.
  • Ensuring Arizona remains competitive with nearby states who have no income tax was also another reason surveyed voters supported reducing the income tax rate with 53% of surveyed individuals saying that’s a very important reason as they considered the proposal.

AFP-AZ State Director Stephen Shadegg released the following statement:

“While Washington is working to pass some of the largest tax hikes in history, our state leaders are taking a different approach by letting Arizonans keep more of what they earn. Government digging deeper into our pockets won’t help small businesses hire more workers or meet the needs of Arizona families.

“Arizonans support this this pro-growth plan that would cement our state as a leader on tax reform and ensure we remain competitive with nearby states who don’t have an income tax. We are connecting with Arizonans across the state to tell them about this plan and enable them to tell their legislators they need to act now. We look forward to igniting Arizona’s economic recovery by making our tax system simpler, fairer, and flatter.”


Public Opinion Strategies conducted the statewide telephone survey among 600 registered voters on May 13-16, 2021. The survey has a margin of error of +4.0% and 58% of the interviews were conducted by cell phone.

According to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, Arizona has one of the highest marginal income tax rates in the country.

Arizona also has a nearly $4 billion surplus for the 2022 fiscal year.