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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

AFP-AZ Issues Second Wave of Endorsements for State Legislature

Jul 15, 2022 by AFP

Phoenix, AZ—Americans for Prosperity-Arizona (AFP-AZ) today issued a second wave of endorsements for candidates running to serve in the Arizona state legislature.

State Reps. Tim Dunn (LD-25), Joel John (LD-25), and Beverly Pingerelli (LD-28) earned AFP-AZ’s endorsement for reelection to the Arizona House of Representatives.

State Reps. Frank Carroll (LD-28) and Joanne Osborne (LD-29) earned the grassroots group’s backing in their bid to represent their constituents in the Arizona State Senate.

AFP-AZ State Director Stephen Shadegg issued the following statement after the announcement:

“Arizona has consistently raised the bar over the past several years, by lowering the state income tax, expanding education options for students, and driving innovation. To keep the Copper State on this course, we need to elect principled champions to continue advancing policy that’s made Arizona a model for the rest of the United States.

“Our network of activists and volunteers is prepared to knock on doors and make calls to support these champions and build a policy majority that will prioritize freedom and opportunity in Arizona.”


State Rep. Tim Dunn (LD-25)

State Rep. Tim Dunn is running for reelection in Arizona’s 25th District. Dunn has championed educational opportunity by supporting the expansion of Arizona’s education savings accounts while opposing wasteful spending.

State Rep. Joel John (LD-25)  

State Rep. Joel John is running for reelection in Arizona’s 25th District. He is a champion of criminal justice reform, having introduced a bill to reform the state’s mandatory minimum sentencing laws and cosponsoring legislation to reform occupational licensing laws that limit employment opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals.

State Rep. Beverly Pingerelli (LD-28)

State Rep. Beverly Pingerelli is running for reelection to Arizona’s 28th District. As vice chair of the House Education Committee, she has been instrumental in passing bills that expand education options for Arizona’s students. She’s also supported second chances for formerly incarcerated individuals and expanding regulatory sandboxes that foster innovation.

State Rep. Frank Carroll (LD-28)

State Rep. Frank Carroll is running to represent the 28th Legislative District in the Arizona State Senate. Carroll serves as chairman of the Transportation Committee and is also a member of the Elections and Energy and the Environment and Natural Resources Committees. He has championed consumer data privacy, removing burdensome municipal fees on innovative companies, and innovation on autonomous vehicles. He’s also worked closely with education advocates to expand the state’s education savings account program.

State Rep. Joanne Osborne (LD-29)

State Rep. Joanne Osborne is running to represent the 29th Legislative District in the Arizona State Senate. She is a policy champion on health care and criminal justice reform. As the chair of the House Health and Human Services Committee, she helped advance bills that offer second chances to formerly incarcerated individuals and amend licensing for physicians that will expand access to quality health care in Arizona.