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AFP Applauds Sales Tax Relief for South Dakotans

Feb 25, 2019 by AFP

SIOUX FALLS, SD—Americans for Prosperity-South Dakota (AFP-SD) today applauded the efforts of the South Dakota House of Representatives for fulfilling the 2016 sales tax deal and providing relief for South Dakotans.

AFP-SD has been engaged in the sales tax relief debate from the beginning. State Director Don Haggar testified in committee on Friday to encourage lawmakers to fulfill the deal and pass HB 1265.

AFP-SD State Director Don Haggar issued the following statement:

“We are encouraged by the passage of HB 1265 and the automatic sales tax relief that South Dakotans will feel once this legislation becomes law. Now, our activists will be out encouraging our Senators to do their part to fulfill the deal.


During the 2016 legislative session, South Dakota lawmakers boosted the state’s sales tax rate from 4 percent to 4.5 percent with a deal in place that would scale back the rate by 0.1% for every $20 million received in revenue should the state be able to collect a sales tax from out-of-state online retailers.

HB 1265 institutes an automatic rate reduction in the sales tax if gross revenue grows by a sufficient amount. This simplifies and fulfills the pledge to reduce the rate once remote sales are taxable and the state sees increased revenue.

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