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AFP Applauds Rep. Jacey Jetton for Introducing School Choice Legislation

Oct 2, 2023 by AFP

Austin, TX—Americans for Prosperity-Texas (AFP-TX) and its 175,000 grassroots activists in Texas have been working for school choice and parental empowerment for decades.  With the Texas Legislature expected to take up the issue of Education Savings Accounts next week, AFP hopes to make Texas the 15th state in the country to establish a program where tax dollars follow the student to a school of their choice. Leading the charge is Representative Jacey Jetton who is preparing to file a bill that will empower parents and lead to better outcomes for our students.

“The parental empowerment movement is gaining momentum in Texas thanks to policy champions like Governor Abbott and Representative Jetton who are fighting to deliver more educational options for students,” said AFP-TX State Director Genevieve Collins.  “Fourteen other states have established Education Savings Accounts that let parents use their tax dollars for pre-approved education expenses that fit their student’s unique needs. We applaud Representative Jetton for working to align families across Texas with options and opportunities to meet the needs of all Texas students.”

AFP-TX has been mobilizing their grassroots communities across the state since January and fighting for Educations Savings Accounts during the regular session. AFP-TX and its activists have hosted hundreds of community events statewide and talked to hundreds of thousands of Texans at their front doors and over the phone.  AFP-TX will continue these efforts until Education Savings Accounts become a reality across the state.