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Position Kansas to Prosper

Americans for Prosperity-Kansas’s Position Kansas to Prosper lays out important steps lawmakers can take to improve the lives of all Kansans. These legislative priorities will provide a path towards recovery for the Sunflower State, and make our state a better place to live, work, and raise a family. Activists across the state will reach their lawmakers ahead of and throughout the legislative session to implore their support for principled policy solutions to the greatest challenges we face.

Economic Opportunity for All

This year, AFP will focus on policy reforms that unleash opportunity by removing barriers to economic mobility and growth, whether that be through reforms to taxes, government favoritism, taxpayer-funded lobbying, occupational licensing, or red tape, our activists will advocate for principled reforms that help businesses recover, create jobs, and help Kansas families get back on their feet.

AFP-Kansas will work with lawmakers to support reforms to our tax policy that allow Kansans to keep more of their hard earned money, and bring greater accountability to government spending.

Government Favoritism and special interest giveaways leave taxpayers on the hook for millions, with little economic benefit to show for it. We will work with lawmakers to support legislative efforts to keep Kansas’ incentive programs in check and to end corporate welfare giveaways to the well-connected, at the expense of hardworking Kansas families.

Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying: More than 50 government entities and associations lobby our Legislature. These organizations and groups should be required to register lobbyists, report their expenditures, and any taxpayer funding used to influence the Legislature.

Occupational Licensing, in many professions, is the requirement for the government to issue a pink slip before an individual can earn a living through their preferred line of work. We will work to pass legislation that removes excessive barriers to do so and encourage Kansas to follow the lead of other states in implementing policies that allow for license reciprocity and recognition across state lines.

AFP will support Red Tape Reduction to eliminate overly burdensome, duplicative, ineffective, or outdated regulations. This will encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and unleash individuals to succeed.

Educational Freedom for ALL

Educational freedom provides Kansas families the opportunity to learn in the environment that best meets their students’ unique needs—regardless of ZIP code or income level.

We will continue to support education models that provide individualized education to meet the needs of all our students. This includes expanding access by encouraging lawmakers to protect the Tax Credit Scholarship Program and to explore open enrollment practices.

Lowering Costs to Electricity for Kansas Families

Kansans pay more than the national average and 13% more than our neighbors in Missouri for our electricity. AFP supports efforts to lower costs for ratepayers, including ending any cross-subsidization proposal that forces ratepayers to pay for items such as electric car charging stations.

Increasing Access to Quality, Affordable Health Care

We strive to create a health care system that helps more people access better care at a lower cost—where health care providers compete to offer the best health care products and services at the best prices that meet the needs of patients. This includes making permanent important temporary reforms enacted in the wake of COVID, including those related to practice agreements, telehealth, and licensing. We will also work to pass reforms to outdated red tape which are stifling innovation and access to care across our state.

Medicaid Expansion would cost the state billions and be catastrophic for taxpayers. Expanding this already broken system will restrict access to care for those who need it most and drive up costs for everyone. Our activists will continue to prioritize stopping expansion and continue to build support for health care reforms that actually increase access to quality care for all Kansans.

Smart on Crime, Soft on Taxpayers’ Criminal Justice Reforms

Kansas must continue to take principled steps to criminal justice reform—prioritizing smart on crime, soft on taxpayers reforms that provide real second chances and make our communities safer. This session, AFP will prioritize a variety of measures to do so.

Civil Asset Forfeiture should be reformed to protect innocent property owners. Currently, law enforcement can take ownership of property without arresting, charging, or convicting an individual. Government should not be able to keep property without providing citizens with their rightful due process protections.

Ban the Box was originally passed through executive order, eliminating the criminal history check box on most state job applications. AFP will encourage the Legislature to make this ban permanent.

Drivers’ License Suspension Reform will remove the potential punishment of suspending an individual’s driver’s license for non-driving related offenses that oftentimes jeopardize families’ economic well-being. AFP will encourage lawmakers to end these suspensions.

Transparency, Accountability, and Judicial Selection Reform

Kansas’ current process for selecting judges lacks transparency and excludes the voices of voters. Currently, an unelected commission of nine individuals picks our state’s Supreme Court justices. Allowing this small group to play such an important role in the selection of our third branch of government removes accountability and gives power to a select group of lawyers and other special interests. Lawmakers must work to dissolve the unelected commission and allow Kansas voters to directly elect our State Supreme Court justices. That means transparency, accountability, and a court that reflects our state’s values.

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