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ICYMI: AFP-FL Publishes “The Impact on Taxpayers of Jacksonville’s Priciest Public Project” Op-Ed

Feb 26, 2024 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity-Florida Grassroots Engagement Director, Kelly Pickens, recently published an op-ed highlighting the potential financial burdens the “Stadium of the Future” could pose to the community:

Jacksonville residents passionately support their hometown football team, but are they fully aware of the substantial financial implications associated with the Jaguars’ new stadium project?

The proposed “Stadium of the Future” would replace the Jags’ existing EverBank Stadium. This project would be the most costly public project in Jacksonville’s history, and it’s the taxpayers – not the team – who would bear the financial burden.

Despite the hype typically associated with this kind of project, having a sports stadium in a city does not bring clear economic benefits to the community. Jacksonville officials should regard it as a questionable investment at best. So why would the city waste taxpayer dollars on something that won’t reap many benefits for those footing the bill? The proposed new stadium would primarily benefit the football team, not the thousands of taxpayers who would actually be responsible for funding it.

The Jaguars are looking for $1.4 billion for construction costs, a hefty price tag that poses a significant financial burden for the community. The funding for this project should come from the football team’s financial backers, rather than digging into the pockets of hardworking individuals – most of whom won’t ever be able to afford a game or experience any direct financial gains from the “Stadium of the Future.” 

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