Key Vote Alert: Vote No on the so-called “Build Back Better” plan

Nov 18, 2021 by AFP

Dear Representatives,

On behalf of Americans for Prosperity activists in all 50 states, I urge you to vote NO on H.R. 5376, the so-called “Build Back Better” plan.

This vote will be recorded in our 2021 session legislative scorecard.

H.R. 5376 does not improve critical infrastructure, it is an unprecedent partisan power grab that spends trillions of dollars we cannot afford, increases taxes, punishes success, rewards special interests, and puts government at the center of virtually every aspect of American life. It would put inflation into overdrive, cause gas and energy prices to skyrocket, and cripple economic growth with mountains of debt.

In addition to devastating economic consequences, this heavy-handed plan would place harmful price controls and higher taxes on prescription drugs causing suffering and limiting patient access to life saving treatment and innovative cures; in addition to compromising America’s standing in the world as a leader in innovative treatments.

Our country has serious challenges: rising costs, labor shortages, supply chain gridlock, and a broken, failing immigration system. Instead of addressing those challenges, Congress has focused for nearly the entire year on pushing a partisan agenda that is completely out of touch with the mainstream. Poll after poll has shown that Americans aren’t just opposed to this agenda – they fear it.

Not one more moment should be spent putting this partisan agenda ahead of the critical work that needs to be done.

For these reasons I urge you to vote NO on H.R. 5376, the so-called “Build Back Better” plan. This vote will be recorded in our legislative scorecard.

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Brent Gardner

Chief Government Affairs Officer

Americans for Prosperity