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AFP-WV Key Vote Alert: SB 59 and SB 82

Jan 23, 2023 by AFP

On behalf of Americans for Prosperity activists across West Virginia, I urge you to support SB 59 and SB 82 This vote may be recorded in our 2023 session legislative scorecard.

Unemployment assistance can be helpful for West Virginians at times of need, be that during a pandemic or more normal job disruptions. These bills would not interrupt assistance for those who lose employment and are seeking to remain in the workforce. Updating West Virginia’s policies will help ensure continued assistance while also ending overuse and misuse by some, which places financial burdens on West Virginia taxpayers and businesses while undermining our state’s economic future as well.

In addition to other actions:

  • SB 82 reduces the timeframe of unemployment eligibility from 26 weeks to a maximum of 20, dependent on the unemployment rate in WV at a given time. It further provides an emphasis on greater detection and elimination of fraud and other forms of misuse.
  • SB 59 helps ensure unemployment assistance is utilized by those with a desire to remain in the West Virginia workforce rather than those leaving the workforce by helping to ensure recipients are actively pursuing employment opportunities.

As West Virginia continues to prioritize important employment and educational reforms to empower our residents and draw people in to grow West Virginia’s economic opportunities, these unemployment reforms ensure our assistance for those in need is appropriate and fiscally responsible.

It is for these reasons I respectfully urge you to support these important pieces of legislation that would reform the state’s unemployment assistance.