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AFP-MI Announces First Wave of State Legislative Endorsements

Jun 10, 2024 by AFP

Lansing, Michigan—Today Americans for Prosperity-Michigan (AFP-MI) announced its first wave of endorsed candidates in competitive primary and general election races.

AFP-MI endorsed candidates for their commitment to principles that promise to empower each and every Michigander to pursue their American Dream.

Incumbent State Representatives Jamie Thompson (HD-28), Kathy Schmaltz (HD-46), Donni Steele (HD-54), Mark Tisdel (HD-55), Tom Kuhn (HD-57), Gina Johnsen (HD-78), and Cam Cavitt (HD-106) all earned AFP-MI’s endorsement.

Political newcomers Dale Biniecki, George Lucas, Steve Frisbie, Ron Robinson, Russ Cleary, and Lisa Trombley also earned AFP-MI’s support.

AFP-MI Deputy State Director Tim Golding issued the following statement after the announcement:

“Over the past two years, Michiganders have watched as one-party rule in Michigan has resulted in the loss of personal freedoms, an increase in government spending, and unbridled expansion of government interference in private businesses.

“This November, we have a chance to supplant one-party rule in Lansing with healthy checks and balances: but only if Michiganders vote for a policy majority to stand up and fight for workers and families. AFP-MI is committed to helping these candidates get across the finish line and change Lansing from within. Between now and August you can count on seeing AFP-MI candidates in your communities, talking to voters, and working to ensure that Michiganders have good choices on the ballot.”


State Rep. Jamie Thompson (HD-28)

Small business and workers have a loyal champion in Rep. Thompson, who is a champion of worker freedom and willing to stand up to entrenched special interests. First elected in 2022, Rep. Thompson is mother and grandmother who understands that Michiganders prosper when government stops picking winners and losers and instead lets people chart their own path.

Dale Biniecki (HD-31)

Retired business owner Dale Biniecki has the right mindset to take on Lansing. He will fight to oppose lop-sided energy mandates, push back against corporate cronyism, and stand up for agribusinesses that have struggled to survive inflation and increased regulation. Taxpayers will have a defender with him in office as a fiscal hawk ready to cut spending and reduce Michiganders’ tax burdens.

George Lucas (HD-38)

George Lucas is a realtor and an all-around advocate for reigniting the American Dream in Michigan. He’s interested in bringing more people and investment to the state by lowering taxes and regulatory burdens that have been a drag on Michigan’s economy.

Steve Frisbie (HD-44)

Steve Frisbie brings a wealth of private and public-sector experience to his bid to represent Michigan’s 44th House District. As a leader in Emergent Health Partners LifeCare Ambulance Service, Frisbie is a staunch supporter of increasing access to telemedicine. He currently serves as a county commissioner and can bring responsible budgeting to Lansing. His previous experience as an adjunct professor for twenty years will also help him address the shortcomings of one-size-fits-all education systems.

State Rep. Kathy Schmaltz (HD-46)

In her first term, Rep. Schmaltz has stood strong against a barrage of measures that limit worker freedom and economic opportunity in the Great Lakes State. She’s also an energy watchdog for ratepayers who opposes unnecessary and costly energy regulations and supports repealing the state gas tax.

Ron Robinson (HD-58)

Entrepreneur, former marine, and current member of the Utica City Council, Ron Robinson will come to Lansing to support education freedom, expanded education opportunities, and vote to phase out the state’s income and gas taxes.

State Rep. Donni Steele (HD-54)

Constituents of Michigan’s 54th House District can rely on Rep. Steele to continue working to advance worker freedom, keep energy prices low, and push back against tax increases. In her first term, Rep. Steele bravely stood up to the entrenched interests looking to increase the size of government.

State Rep. Mark Tisdel (HD-55)

Rep. Mark Tisdel has a keen understanding of his constituents’ priorities. He opposed repealing the Right to Work in Michigan and fought for economic opportunities for all workers and employers when bidding for state government contracts. Tisdel also champions expanding education opportunities for Michigan’s students and giving parents more say in their children’s education.

State Rep. Tom Kuhn (HD-57)

In his first term, Rep. Kuhn has become a reliable fiscal hawk for Michigan taxpayers. Beyond advocating for reduced tax burdens, Kuhn has advocated for spending restraint and transparency in state budgeting. Outside fiscal issues, Kuhn has supported worker freedom and expanding educational opportunities, especially in higher education.

Russ Cleary (HD-61)

Russ Cleary enters the race for Michigan’s 61st House District as a legislative staffer for U.S. Rep. John James (MI-10). He’s an advocate for worker freedom, expanded education opportunity, and right-sized energy regulations.

State Rep. Gina Johnsen (HD-78)

Rep. Johnsen sits on the House Education Committee where she’s fought for real accountability in public education. Johnsen also brings previous professional experience to health care issues, advocating for Right to Try legislation, telehealth expansion, and repealing outmoded Certificate of Need laws that artificially reduce access to health care services.

Lisa Trombley (HD-103)

Newcomer Lisa Trombley has set her sights on improving Michigan’s business landscape by reducing government spending and cutting taxes to promote economic growth.

State Rep. Cam Cavitt (HD-106)

In his first term, Rep. Cavitt has pushed back against governor Whitmer’s lopsided climate agenda, which would increase costs for ratepayers while making energy less reliable. On healthcare, he’s opposed regulations that increase costs and decrease access to medical services.