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Higher Turnout for Alaska Elections

Low Voter Turnout

Alaska localities hold elections a month before all other state and federal elections. Driving to the polls twice is confusing, unnecessary, and limits voter turnout.

Don’t believe us? In 2015, only five percent of residents voted for the Mayor, who represents the entire Mat-Su valley! In a recent Anchorage election, only 22 percent of registered voters showed up to the polls.

Why One Election in November Makes Sense

Estimates predict turnout would increase by at least 30 percent if local election days were moved to November. Higher turnout means more citizen engagement in our community, a more accurate representation of the electorate and is all-around easier on voters. Plus, one election will cost less than two. When the Maryland General Assembly voted to delay Baltimore’s next local election to line up with the November election, the city saved an estimated $3.7 million.

Benefits of One Election in November

Increase in Voter Turnout

More Citizens Engaged on Local Issues

Increased Accountability on Local Officials

Reduced Cost for Local Taxpayers

Be Part Of The Solution

Join our growing coalition of concerned residents.

Let me stand with my neighbors.

Go to the polls in October to make your voice heard!

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