Americans for Prosperity-Arkansas Celebrates Misleading Educational Rights Amendment Failure to Obtain Ballot Requirement

Jul 5, 2024 by AFP

AFP-AR made more than 56,000 overall voter contacts to support efforts to stop this ballot measure

Little Rock, AR—With the Arkansas Educational Rights Amendment of 2024 failing to garner enough signatures and make the ballot question, Americans for Prosperity-Arkansas (AFP-AR) said that this ballot initiative was highly duplicative of and sought to undermine the state’s LEARNS Act and was rightfully defeated.

As the state’s leading grassroots mobilizer, AFP-AR made more than 56,000 overall voter contacts since March. AFP-AR successfully educated Arkansans on the amendment’s replication of existing laws, financial demands, and the risk it poses to recent educational progress in the state.

AFP-AR State Director, Ryan Norris, released the following statement:

“We are fortunate to already have education choice policies, such as the LEARNS Act, that empower families to select the best educational path for their children. By defending these good policies, we ensure parents have the freedom to make informed decisions, fostering an environment where every child can thrive according to their personal needs and goals. 

“Our state already dedicates a significant portion of our budget to education, far more than other agencies. Education is a financial priority in our state and the ‘several hundred million dollars’ in additional funding proposed in this amendment could have required significant tax increases, adding to the financial burden on Arkansans during this time of high inflation.”

CLICK HERE to read a letter to the editor from Norris published by the Arkansas-Democrat Gazette.

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