AFP-South Carolina Announces New Endorsements, Launches Grassroots Efforts Behind Key Candidates

May 15, 2024 by AFP

COLUMBIA, SC—Americans for Prosperity-South Carolina (AFP-SC) announced its support of State Senator Tom Davis (SD-46), Blake Sanders (HD-09), and State Rep. Fawn Pedalino (HD-64) as the most qualified candidates to serve key districts of the Palmetto State. AFP-SC has put the weight of its grassroots activists behind 11 endorsed candidates for this cycle thus far.

AFP-SC will utilize activists to reach voters at their doors and educate residents through digital ads and mail. AFP-SC is hopeful to see more principled leaders in office who will take on issues that unleash economic prosperity and freedom.

AFP-SC State Director, Candace Carroll, released the following statement:

“South Carolina needs more conservative voices in office to empower parents, cut taxes and regulations, and unleash access to health care. As the state’s leading grassroots operation, we’re putting our weight behind these leaders because we know their values are South Carolina values.

“Our team is energized to boost turnout this election cycle and highlight how each candidates’ policy positions can make our state an even stronger place to live, work, and raise a family.”  

Endorsed Candidates

State Sen. Tom Davis SD-46

Senator Davis has been a strong partner on issues focusing on government transparency, health care, deregulation, and more. He understood the importance of repealing Certificate of Need (CoN) regulations and that South Carolina patients need greater access to personalized options and competition in the marketplace.

Blake Sanders HD-09  

As a strong conservative leader, Sanders will fight to empower parents in education and to put more money in the pockets of South Carolina families. As a father, Sanders knows that parents should be in the driver seat of their child’s education and as a State Representative he will work to reduce taxes and let hardworking families keep more of their earnings.

State Rep. Fawn Pedalino HD-64

Rep. Pedalino has been a policy champion on putting parents in control of their child’s education by supporting expanded Education Scholarship Accounts. She also cares deeply about access to health care and has been a leader on core issues such as repealing CoN laws and supporting personal option as well as scope of practice bills to give South Carolinians greater choice.