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AFP-PA Calls Out Biden As President Visits the Commonwealth—Again

Apr 16, 2024 by AFP

Scranton, Pennsylvania—Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania (AFP-PA) today called on the President to stop visiting the Keystone State to promote “Bidenomics.”

AFP-PA Deputy State Director Emily Greene issued the following statement as the President returned to Scranton, once again trying to make the case for “Bidenomics” while continuing to pander to special interests:

“President Biden continues to visit the Keystone State—on the taxpayers’ dime, no less—to try to convince Pennsylvanians that his heavy-handed, budget busting ‘Bidenomics’ agenda is working. But the message isn’t going to take hold because ‘Bidenomics’ is NOT working for Pennsylvania. We want him to stop campaigning on failed policy and he should stop visiting Pennsylvania until he can come up with real solutions for working families who are paying on average $11,400 more a year to maintain their standard of living since the President took office.

“We need real solutions that embrace all facets of the American energy sector, properly balance the federal budget so that it lives within its means, and an end to top-down regulations, such as the President’s electric vehicle mandate. Until then, the President stop making official visits to the Commonwealth.”